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GROUP RULES : *1* . Please respect and stick to the purpose of this group, which is to establish collective conversations(English only) about anything intellectual in nature. Hope! This group would help you in your journey to become an intellectually rich, rational and ethical human. *2*. Please do not use this group to send irrelevant content like memes, commercial promotional content, videos, pictures, news, messages of personal nature, inappropriate content like pornography and other things that aren't intellectual by nature. *3* . We promote freedom and diversity of thoughts, ideas and perspectives. Share your thoughts with us, Contribution will be much appreciated. *4* . Always converse politely and in a respectful manner. Please avoid using abusive language as well as unproductive insults. *5* . Don't message anyone personally, without his/her consent. Make sure you are not continuously sending irritating messages. *6* . If you feel uncomfortable or have complaints about a member and/or point of discussion/content, please tag the admin. You can also prefer to mute the group or leave the group, if required.

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